The First Wireless Portable Stereo Speakers

GoDuo Speakers

The GoDuo Speakers are a minimalistic set of wireless speakers that are magnetically attached to eachother. What makes these portable speakers unique is that they can be used in four different ways, including a stereo set up.



Why you should care:

The bluetooth speaker industry hasn’t seen much overhaul in the last couple of years. After wireless speakers were introduced, the form factor and functionality of the speakers hasnt seemed to evolve in any sort of way. Until now!

The GoDuo speakers have a water resistant and high quality polycarbonate unibody. The speakers are attached by their magnetic steel bases to make one pill shaped speaker. As I stated before, the GoDuo speakers are unique for their ability to be used in 4 different ways. When both speakers are separated they can be used as a set of stereo speakers. The speakers can be separated up to 30ft apart which gives you more than enough room to figure out where u want the speakers to be placed. Each speaker offers up to 12 hours of battery life when separated or combined. There is also the option to turn off one of the speakers and to only use one. Having two speakers in this case can come in handy as if one dies out, you can still use the other one to blast your music. The GoDuo speakers do have magnetic bases and can therefore be separated and attached to any steel or iron surfaces. When it comes to sound quality, the speakers come with built in high fidelity drivers and subwoofers. The speakers also come with a built in microphone for phone calls or to access siri with voice controls.

The water and dust resistant body of the GoDuo speakers also means that they can be used heavily outdoors. The speakers in fact come with a cover to place over the speakers when you want to attach them to your backpack and take them on the go.


The GODuo speakers currently come in at a price of $89. This is a great deal for a wireless speaker that offers so much functionality. The option to use these as stereo speakers offers an immersive experience when listening to music on the go or at outdoor or indoor events. These compact wireless stereo speakers are something we haven’t seen before and at the reasonable price of $89 they should definitely be considered if you are looking to buy a wireless speaker.

What you need to know:

  • polycarbonate unibody
  • metal base
  • water resistant
  • wireless
  • option to plug in device with included aux cord
  • can be used as one big speaker, stereo speakers, or two separate speakers
  • 12 hours of battery
  • 50ft wireless range
  • comes with case for outdoors
  • magnetic bases that can be attached to steel or iron surfaces
  • $89

Where to get the GoDuo Speakers:

For more information on the GoDuo speakers and to learn how to purchase it, visit GoDuo’s Indiegogo page at: GoDuo Speakers




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