The Smart Wallet Everyone Needs

 Volterman Smart Wallet

A wallet that comes with a built in battery to charge your phone, a camera to capture pictures of thieves who get a hold of it, Wifi hotspot capabilities, and the list goes on. Lets talk about why this is the wallet that everybody needs to have.


Why you should care:

A wallet is one of the only items that you can count on every person having. So, if we are going to be carrying around a wallet wherever we go, shouldn’t we have one that has more capabilities than just carrying money and cards? Not only does the sleek leather Volterman Smart Wallet come with a plethora of safety features; it also includes a battery and Worldwide Wifi Hotspot built in.

The Volterman bifold wallet comes with a 2,600 mAh power bank which should be able to give any smartphone a full charge. The wallet comes with a cable that connects from the wallet to your device, but if your device has wireless charging capabilities then that can also be used as a method to charge your device from the wallet. Another interesting feature included is the capability of creating a Wifi Hotspot from your wallet. Volterman states that it’s internet is 3 times cheaper than regular roaming prices. This feature is optional to use but can be very useful for someone who is constantly traveling to foreign countries


The Volterman Wallet is also equipped with some very unique safety features. For example, a small camera is built into the wallet! Tell me that isn’t an amazing feature to have. Why would you need a camera in your wallet you ask? If you have lost your wallet and activated lost mode then every time your wallet is opened a picture of whoever opened it will be sent to your smartphone. The wallet also includes a Bluetooth Alarm System that notifies you when you leave your wallet behind, and also activates an alarm when you leave your phone behind. GPS tracking is also available and your wallet can be tracked down using the Volterman app.

The Volterman Wallet is one of the most unique wallets you can buy to date. It can be considered the first true smart wallet. In a time where technology plays a huge role in our lives, it might make sense to buy a wallet that enhances our everyday lives. Coming in at $129, the Volterman Wallet looks to offer a wallet that practically can’t be lost, can fully charge your phone, and can even be used as a wifi hotspot. A wallet is a place where we keep some of our most valuable possessions ranging from our credit cards to our driving licenses. So, spend a little extra money if you can as in the long run the Volterman wallet may just end up saving you a lot of extra hassle and more importantly MONEY.


What you need to know:


  • 2,600 mAh Power Bank
  • 4.7 x 3.5 dimensions
  • 0.26 lbs
  • Bluetooth Distance Alarm
  • Global GPS Tracking
  • Thief Detection Camera
  • Worldwide Wifi Hotspot
  • Waterproof
  • RFID Protected
  • Wireless Charging Capabilities
  • $129

Where to get the Volterman Smart Wallet:

For more information on the Volterman Smart Wallet and to learn how to purchase it, visit Volterman’s Indiegogo page at: Volterman Smart Wallet


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