A portable battery that has a replaceable battery?


PowerPlant Portable Battery

You read that right. The PowerPlant is a 20,100 mAh battery that also has the option to replace its battery. What does that mean? Unlimited power? No more wall sockets?

Why you should care:

We have all been away from home before and had an incident where are phones or laptops are running low on battery. We all get frustrated looking around and always quickly realize there are no wall sockets in sight. For many nowadays, there aren’t many worse feelings. The PowerPlant is claiming that they have created a battery that can help us forget our anxiety for wall sockets. The battery itself is 20,100 mAh, 95 watts and weighs about 1.4lbs. So lets get something clear right away. This isn’t going to be a battery that you stick in your pocket and carry around to charge your phone throughout the day. What makes the PowerPlant stand out is that it is a portable battery that can be used to charge all your devices. The PowerPlant on a full charge can charge the iPhone 7 10x times, a MacBook up to 12 hours, and can even power an LED TV for 6 hours. But, we haven’t gotten to my favorite part about this battery yet; what really makes the PowerPlant stand out from its many competitors. The PowerPlant has a replaceable battery! This means that you can charge up an extra battery before your trip and now you have 40,200 mAh of power ready to go. This amount of power can get you through a whole week without needing to worry about any wall sockets. I know having a replacement battery for your portable battery can sound a little confusing, but it is a very useful feature that not many other batteries, if any, offer. The PowerPlant comes with 2 USB ports and interestingly a universal socket. A universal socket allows you to use a UK, US, European and Australian plug. To cap it off, the PowerPlant has a very sleek and splash proof unibody that looks very professional. The PowerPlant comes in at a price of $150. For every extra replacement battery the price goes up around $45. The PowerPlant is the ultimate portable battery for someone that travels a lot but, for its relatively low price and slim form factor, this device can be a practical item for almost anyone to have.


What you need to know:

  • 20,100 mAh
  • Can power devices up to 95V
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Easy Read LCD Display
  • 2x USB port fast charge
  • Universal Socket for US, Uk, European, and Australian plugs
  • Splash proof casing
  • $150.00

Where to get the PowerPlant:

For more information on the PowerPlant and to learn how to purchase it, visit the PowerPlant’s Indiegogo page at: PowerPlant



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